Thursday, September 29, 2011

Enabling pin_virtual_time first time after BRM 7.4 installation

During development many times we need pin_virtual_time utility to move the BRM time forward to test many scenarios like billing, invoicing, dunning et.c.
After installing the BRM 7.4 components in the server, generally the pin_virtual_time_file is not created and also the entry is commented in almost all the component's pin.conf file.
Here are some tips to enable the pin_virtual_time (may be useful to novice BRM developers/testers)

1). Uncomment pin_virtual_time entry in all the components' pin.conf file. You may run the following command :
find  $PIN_HOME/ -name "pin.conf" | xargs sed -i 's/# - - pin_virtual_time/- - pin_virtual_time/g'
2). Restart the BRM server
3). Goto the $PIN_HOME/sys/test directory and execute
    $> pin_virtual_time
    This will create the pin_virtual_time_file and from now on you can move the time.

usage: pin_virtual_time [-h|-H|-?] [-f filename] [-m mode [value]]|[-i interval]
    -h, -H, -? print this message.
    -m ... set pin_virtual_time to mode, nothing or -i query pin_virtual_time
    mode is 0 (regular), 1 (fixed) or 2 (running)
    value as [mmdd]HHMM[[cc]yy][.SS]
    interval is time between queries in seconds


  1. Once BRM time is moved forward, how can it be reverted back ?

  2. It depends on how people sets query's. Normally we will use "pin_virtual_time -m0" command to revert back to normal time.
    to Move "pin_virtual_time -m2 050110102016"
    After -m2 format is "<>"


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